Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

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The Perfect Everyday Sight Protectors

There are a lot of dangers to your sight’s integrity you face without even noticing. Pollen, wind, and dust are but a few hindrances that can cause mild irritations or totally obstruct your vision.

This is a great choice for keeping your vision intact in every situation! They are sturdy, stylish, and come in the colors you need to look good and see even better!

Wearing them provides not only protection from particles but from the eye-damaging blue light coming from screens. Face the day ahead with nothing spotting you from seeing clearly!

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Keep your sight sharp- Don’t let the pollen ruin your days out in nature, protect your eyes from the summer allergies to avoid irritations!

See-through obstructions- There are a lot of ways your sight can be hindered, see clearly through the fog and particles coming your way!

Stop eye fatigue- Staring at a screen all day can cause much more than headaches, This Glass’s blue light blockers eliminate the chances of eye fatigue! 

They are the ultimate choice - Stylish, protective and sturdy, these are the perfect eyewear for keeping your sight sharp and safe throughout the day!

Our Everyday Goggles combine fashion and protection into one. With the look of classic frames and added blue light protective lenses, they will help shield eyes from environmental contaminants and prevent wearers from touching their eyes. Its versatile look can be taken to work or office, from the hospital to grocery stores. These frames are called Everyday Goggles for a reason. 


Top Features

  •     Transparent Side + Top Shields
  •     Anti-Fog Coated Lenses
  •     Blue Light Blocking Lenses
  •     Impact Resistant
  •     Comfort Design

Package Contents

1 x Pair of Everyday Goggles

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